About Us

Every now and then, Vikas and I look at each other almost unable to fathom that we’re going to grow old together. To think we came from the two of most far flung states of the country, to think we met smack in the middle of both our hometowns, to think we fell in love with each other, to think we ‘liked’ each other even more, to think we believe in the same ideas, to think both our dreams somehow turned out to be the same – it all feels surreal.

Serendipity is a beautiful thing – to stumble upon people you never imagined in your life and then for those people to stay in it like they always belonged. It has been five years since we met and we recently took the leap to live out the remainder of our lives besides each other. To now be Divya and Vikas, well.. the game of life!

Divya and Vikas - Budget Travellers/ Backpackers

Our Way of Travel

Three key things govern our traveling style – slow & long, meticulously planned, low-budget. We like getting into one country and exploring it over a long period of time. It allows us to immerse fully in the culture of a country, understand the language, and feel like a part of the country for a brief period in time. We may not unearth hidden gems everywhere we go but we like to go ‘beyond the wall’ of even the most obvious places.

Divya and Vikas - Budget Travellers/ Backpackers

Are we full-time travellers?

As much as we’d like to be on the road everyday, we’re far from that reality. Both of us lead a regular life wherein we put in the hard mile to earn money. Vikas started up his social enterprise five years ago and has been building it brick by brick over the years. He carries his work with him, wherever he goes. He earns a monthly salary that he manages to save up to travel. I’m (i.e, Divya) a freelancer, on the other hand. I juggle a few projects in the education space that gives me the freedom to work out of anywhere in the world. Together, the two of us also dabble in travel writing. We freelance with magazines like Travel & Leisure, Jet Wings, and Travel Wire Asia. 

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Wondering ‘why’ we travel? We’ve poured it all out here